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Welcome to the Florida Dressage Experience Program

“A Dressage program developed by Ida Norris for riders who want more than just a riding lesson… A European style Dressage School”.


Every Rider’s Dream…to be where it is sunny, be able to ride and talk dressage all day long and to have the time and opportunity to ask “all” of the questions that a 45 minute dressage lesson can’t begin to answer.

To be taken seriously, to have help figuring out problems, and to have day after day of continuous instruction.. with someone else to talk  it over with to your heart’s content…

Welcome to another day in Paradise at  “

“”The Florida Dressage Experience Program.” 



Why it came about…

During training abroad with Maestro Nuno Oliveira ( Portugal) , Frau Maria Zimmer (Germany) and recently training and instructing at Flyinge AB ( Sweden)  Ida realized that few riders have actually been able to have the opportunity to train continuously/daily with an instructor.  Her observations as a clinician and judge throughout America showed that many riders/trainers get stuck or stale somewhere in their education between second level and Grand Prix. 45 minute weekly lessons or clinics are unable to address the problems that most serious trainers/riders face concerning their own equitation, horses development, conformation, soundness and training . Her training  program is designed specifically to help people advance and to meet their goals in a European  Equestrian School style setting


That is what founder Ida Anderson Norris and husband Mark, are committed to in their Florida Dressage Experience programs.

About Ida

Currently Ida travels throughout the U.S. to give clinics and to judge. She makes her living as a professional trainer, judge, clinician and teacher.  More than half of her clients are  professional riding instructors/trainers. She has expertise in classical Long lining and dressage through Grand Prix. She has trained and ridden horses to numerous USEF/USDF awards . Ida is a  Grand Prix competitor, and a Gold, Silver and Bronze USDF Medalist with the accomplishment of training all of the horses that she received her scores on and has trained riders to numerous USDF awards

It is my belief that every rider should be trained as if they are a trainer. Every moment that you ride you are either Training  or  Un-training your horse. “Ida


Winter: The Florida Dressage Experience Program Palm City, FL.34990
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Summer: Ida Anderson Norris-503 Mill Pond Rd. Benson, VT 05743
res: 802-537-3619 | cell 207-578-0119
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