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Join us for The Florida Dressage Experience Program Dec thru April:  

Ida Norris

503 Mill Pond Rd.

Benson, VT 05743





Please Contact Ida to determine your needs, prior to making a payment to paypal. When using paypal to process your payment there will be a additional chargeIda Norris Dressage of $25 per $1,000 sent. This is to cover transaction fees incurred by Paypal for using the service. Payments can also be sent by check, addresses are listed below.

If you have already spoken with Ida and have made payment arrangements then go to paypal.com. Once the page loads, Under the tab at the top is “Personal” then choose to “Send Money”.  You will type in an email address of whom you wish to send to, this will be ida@dressageclinics.com, select
Follow paypal’s instructions all the way through confirming your payment.

You will receive an e-mail receipt of your transaction, if you do not receive this more than likely it was not processed. Contact Ida to see if she received a receipt as well.
If you have an account with paypal, login and follow the same instructions above.


Please contact: Ida Norris ida@dressageclinics.com

503 Mill Pond Rd, Benson Vt. 05743  ( May through November)

Vermont Landline  802-537-3619