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Join us for The Florida Dressage Experience Program Dec thru April:  

Ida Norris

503 Mill Pond Rd.

Benson, VT 05743





Lord Luciano - Boose photographyMost FEI trainers only SUPERVISE the training of your horse. The actual riding/training is accomplished by working students or assistants. Bring your horse to Ida, She will give it her personal attention.

“I take only a few very special horses to train at a time. I ride and train them myself. Each one requires time, thought and enthusiasm. to allow them to come to their full potential. Some people like to send me their horses in Vermont. It is so beautiful there and a great price break,but many of the horses from across the country come to Florida and I train them and show them on the Florida show circuit! It is such an opportunity!”… Ida

Ida feels strongly that every horse must be trained so that it can achieve success and that the owner/rider can ride
the horse successfully too. No matter what level your horse is , she can help you meet your goals

“I have trained many types of horses…., Appaloosas, Morgans, Trakeheners, Arabs, Lusitanos, Thoroughbreds, Andalusions, Warmbloods and various crosses ….. I like them all and they can lucall be really good.”…Ida


Pictured right: Lord Luciano. One of the most respected breeding stallions in Germany, now working in Grand Prix and back in America with Ida.  Lord Luciano was bred in America,owned by Tylord Farms,Benson Vermont. Ida prepared him for airplane travel and did the backing and preparatory work for the 30 day test in Germany For Tylord Farms. He is the first American bred stallion transported back to Germany to pass the 30 day test and subsequently passed the 90 day test and is now coming to Grand Prix. He is the 3rd stallion Ida has trained and prepared for Tylord Farms.




Contact Ida Her flexible program can help you and your horse achieve your goals. She has brought horses successfully to Grand Prix, prepared stallions for the ATA Stallion presentations, shows and judges horses in-hand, is an active dressage competitor through Grand Prix, helps to prepare combined training horses and has a Classical Education in Long Lining and In-hand work. Her horses are happy, harmonious and successful.

Ida Norris

503 Mill Pond Rd.

Benson, Vermont 05743

Cell: 2-7-578-0119

Land Line Vt. : 802-537-3619

Email: Ida : ida@dressageclinics.com

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