Dressage Clinics

Join us for The Florida Dressage Experience Program Dec thru April:  

Ida Norris

503 Mill Pond Rd.

Benson, VT 05743





Ida Norris is a licensed “S” judging through GrandPrix, U.S.E.F and the Canadian Equine Federation. She is well respected for fair, insightful judging and helpful, constructive comments.

Judging takes her across the U.S. where she is frequently asked by competitors or groups to do a clinic following her judging engagements. The clinics are full and popular. Check her calendar to see where she’ll be judging and clinicing next so you can join in!

Contact Ida:
Email Ida or call 207.578-0119

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Pictured left: Ida judging at GMHA, Woodstock Vermont-

It was cold but Beautiful!