Dressage Clinics

Join us for The Florida Dressage Experience Program Dec thru April:  

Ida Norris

503 Mill Pond Rd.

Benson, VT 05743





“S” Dressage Judge/Clinician…Ida Norris Has the solid reputation of helping riders achieve goals. She can give you the skills to achieve your goals.

Begin a program of continuing Dressage education by booking a clinic or series of clinics with one of the most articulate Dressage Judges and Clinicians available for ongoing clinics. Send your horse for training. Attend a Trainer’s Mentoring program designed specifically to advance , assist and support Trainers. Lessons for students who want thorough education and want to advance in harmonious balance with your horse.

Ida Norris (USEF Senior dressage judge) is a gifted clinician. Her clear instruction, practical suggestions, background and correct training help people and horses progress. Dressage Instruction since 1977. Dressage through Grand Prix and Long Lining

Free Lecture with your first Clinic booking!

Book a clinic or on-going series of clinics with Ida. Her positive, enthusiastic, articulate teaching helps horses and people progress and meet goals

It’s easy to set up a clinic…Just call or e-mail!


Clinic options:

  • Dressage lessons through Grand Prix,
  • Classical Long lining Clinic, or a combo of both.
  • Ride -A-Test Clinic
  • In-Hand Clinic on preparing young horses for sport horse showing , Breed Inspections or Basics of piaffe in-hand

Booking Judging and Clinics dates now 2016 and 2017 Season

About Ida:

Currently Ida travels throughout the U.S. to give clinics and to judge. She’s a favorite instructor at USDF Adult Camps. She makes her living as a professional trainer, judge, clinician and teacher. More than half of her clients are professional riding instructors/trainers. Ida is a popular judge as she is insightful and knowledgeable in her remarks to competitors. She has trained and ridden horses to numerous USEF/USDF awards . She is a Grand Prix competitor, and a Gold, Silver and Bronze USDF Medalist with the accomplishment of training all of the horses that she received her scores on, and has trained riders to numerous USDF medals. Her teaching is positive, detailed and geared towards horse and rider.

Book more than one clinic and get a discount. Free lecture for your group with first clinic booking. Ida is exceptional at teaching people at all levels ; but specializes in bringing horses and riders into collection and on to FEI work.

 Ida is  available Week days for  Lessons, Long lining , Training and Ride-A Test  @ Mill Pond Farm, 503 Mill Pond Rd. Benson, Vt. 05743


 “…… I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience ( of visiting The Florida dressage  Experience  Program )……

Your dressage program is very impressive! I am amazed at how much instruction/info I was exposed to in one day and I was just visiting not riding! Thank you for the opportunity to observe ( your lessons ,  training and school). .

I had several new experiences during the  time I was able to spend with you and every one was positive! You have an amazing way of passing your knowledge to others ( at all levels) . My only regret was that we could not spend a whole week with you. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to spend the day with you….

 I found your style of educating very informative. “ L. Undeland 2016

Wow Thank You Thank You Thank You for that Incredible lesson-I have watched the tape so many times-my husband and I are now thinking of my riding life as before Ida and after Ida….so many helpful insights….a chance to move on to new challenges with enough information to at least be pointed in the right direction….

I have taken notes on your lesson and have prioritized your learning tasks and have incorporated them into my work at home with both horses….We are all happier and more productive and supple…..

Debbie also mentioned to me, last Friday, that I could pay a $100 fee to you, and you would be willing to answer my questions and look at tapes that I would send you for help in progressing in my riding skills….how do we get that started?

Ida, my friend Joyce, who taped the lesson is also excited about your teaching….She too is a rider and she is my eyes on the ground….so she is reminding me, when she is present, of the things that we both experienced through your lessons….

Be Well and again Thank You for your willingness to look at each student and horse as worthy of learning from you…..Rie Miller.

Ida Norris Dressage